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Music And Arthritis: A Relationship


Music can be the primary weapon in improving a person’s mental health, and music creates inspiration and motivation that enables a person to start afresh. However, who could have thought there is a relationship between music and arthritis? A strange combination, though, but music or musicians suffer the most in the case of arthritis. It is time to understand the relationship between music and arthritis in detail.

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Musicians’ Joint Pain:

There have been live proof that musicians suffered from severe joint pain and discomfort in their tendons for an extended period. This happens due to their long time and continuous usage of musical instruments. According to osteoarthritis doctor specialist, musicians suffer from osteoarthritis the most because of the repetitive movements that occur in the hands or knees of the musician for continuously playing the musical instrument in the same pattern. This creates pressure in the tissues and ligaments in the joints, and the musician suffers from diseases like osteoarthritis. There are also cases that the musicians have rheumatoid arthritis, mainly in the USA and UK. The problem is that musicians mostly refuse to accept that something like arthritis may kill their passion and continue in their music career; however, that creates problems for the musicians in the end.

Music: A Relief from Pain

Although music’s drawbacks for musicians with arthritis can be a horrible truth, at the same time, music becomes one of the best mental therapies through which patients feeling discomfort from arthritis feel a sense of serenity.

How Can Music Help Reduce Arthritis Pain?

Studies have shown that music is one of the effective therapy in bringing arthritis patients some mental and physical cure. The pain of arthritis can be reduced with the help of music. Finger movement and exercise related to music can improve the function of the tissues. These exercises release endorphins, which reduce the pain of arthritis and increase the joints’ strength.

Types Of Musculoskeletal Diseases That Musicians Suffer From

Osteoarthritis: As mentioned above, musicians suffer from this disease the most. It wears and tears down the joints; the symptoms can be visible in musicians at a young age; as the overuse of joints occurs due to repetitive usage of musical instruments, the risk of osteoarthritis increases.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: This happens when the body’s immune system attacks the joint at the age of 40. This creates mishaps in the joint’s balance, and the effects become long lasting.


Music and arthritis have a complicated relationship, which sometimes results in a toxic lifestyle, especially among musicians. The best approach is to choose effective physiotherapies to prevent unwanted circumstances. As well as reading this article, you can also read a guide on how to improve your workout by listening to music.

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