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Differences between fruit drink and soda drink

Many of us have a misconception about the fruit juice and soda drink. We think juice is a better and healthier option than soda. Actually, there is almost no difference between soda and juice. Both contain the same amount of calories and sugar per serving.

But you can get some health benefits drinking juices over sodas. If the juice is made from the real pulp of the fruits and contains fewer preservatives and chemicals, it is definitely a healthier option to take. But if you are taking highly processed juice, it might cause different health issues.

Natural refreshing fruit juice contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, which are essential for our body. The processed juice can add toxic to your system, which is quite dangerous for our body. So, before buying juice from any shop, you should always check the nutrients. If the particular juice doesn’t match the nutrition level, you should not take that. However, most of the juice contains high sugar and calories, which is barely a healthy option for you.

Again, if you switch your option to the soda drink from juice, you will not be much benefitted. Soda drink contains empty calories and also not so good for health. But if you are looking for a healthier option, natural sugar soda might help.

What are the consequences of drinking juice and soda drink regularly?

For regular drinking, nothing is better than water. If you want to drink something refreshing and sparkling, you should only drink juice made from the real fruits and natural soda, which is a better option than any sparkling soda and carbonated drink. Drinks made of artificial sugar is always harmful to your health.

Why taking artificial sugar is not right?

Artificial sugar poses a significant threat to our health. It is more harmful than natural sugar. Researchers have found a direct connection of cancer for having fake sugar for a long time. Artificial sugar is used widely in the diet soda drinks these days. If you are health conscious, you should not drink any soft drinks at all or can opt for natural soda. It is better to drink natural sugar drinks if you are unable to leave drinking soda water.

Finally, it can be said that both juice and soda drink are harmful to your health when refined sugar and calories are mixed up into them. So, for the healthy option, you can take natural soda or can also make natural fruit juice at home.

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