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Cleaning the grey teak furniture of your patio

If you have grey teak patio furniture Houston in your patio, you should know how to clean them following the right procedure. You can wash them merely with teak soap, lukewarm water, and a burl brush. When scrubbing, however, be sure to work only in the grain direction, so that the wood structure is not damaged. Please do not even come up with the idea of using a pressure washer. The water pressure damages the wood fiber, and the furniture becomes rough and unsightly. The cleaning of teak is and remains handmade. Your furniture will thank you.

If your teak wood is a bit rough, you can easily sand it by hand with fine sandpaper. After sanding, remove the remaining dust with a dry, rough sponge.

I do not like the grey teak – What do I do now?

That’s no problem at all. There is also a solution for this. The market offers a variety of teak-dousers. These detach the top layer of wood. Underneath is intact lignin, and the original wood color comes to light. This looks a bit bland. It is therefore advisable to use a color refresher after the greying off so that the honey-brown wood tone is nicely intensified again. It goes without saying that it is up to you whether to oil or start the greying process anew.

What to look for when using teak custody and color refresher?

1. Create the right work environment. Use cover fleece, protective gloves, and work clothes.
2. Moisten the furniture with clean water.
3. Apply de-burr on a sponge, rub in the surface, and leave to soak.
4. Brush with a root brush in the direction of the fiber and rinse off with water.
5. Color Refresher immediately on the sponge Apply wood and let it work
6. Now I’ve spilled – How do I get the stain out again?

Whether you have oiled the table or not, stains can always be removed relatively easily. For untreated furniture, fresh stains can be removed immediately with a wet cloth and a little green soap. However, if the stain has been around for a few hours, it may not be enough. But do not panic, because teak is very oily, the stains usually not penetrate very deep into the wood. Most stains are on the surface and can be sanded with fine sandpaper. Do not be surprised; the abraded area is now a bit more brownish.

Please never apply the oil to the grey patina. As a result, the wood is very unevenly dark and also spotty. In any case, always use a degreaser first.

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