Beginner’s guide to play golf

For many beginners it is already a sense of achievement when they hit the ball at all. If you have your first taster course behind you, you will already have noticed that the golf swing is more complicated than it looks. From this golf connection review, you will know how to play golf properly.

If you want to learn something new, I recommend starting as easy as possible and not increasing the difficulty too quickly.

What is the best way to practice golf? The following 11 tips will make it easier for you to learn the golf swing.

1) Do not make it harder for you than necessary

Start with the sand wedge, because that’s the easiest way to get the ball into the air. I see a lot of beginners reaching for the iron 7. Of course, you can do that too – but if you started jogging, you would not start directly with a 10-kilometer run.

With an iron 7 it is much harder to hit the ball and get into the air. Especially as a beginner success is important. Even better, if you can reproduce them as well.

2) Use a tea

A golf blow from the ground is more difficult than a tee off tee. Take off the tee: This gives you and your racket more room to hit the ball so that it rises into the air.

3) Start with half, slow turns

A full swing in high speed is much more demanding than a half, slow swing. Do half turns at the beginning.

4) Set yourself a goal for the next step

What is a success for beginners? When 50 percent of your balls fly halfway straight. “Halfway straight” I would call everything that lands in a corridor of 20 meters left and right of the finish.

So, if you hit ten balanced balls with a sand wedge and a half, slow swing, you can increase the difficulty level.

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